MAGIC WAND, copper trim, quartz crystal tip, metaphysical, Magik, divination, Talisman tool, warlock, witch

Hypnotic Aromas

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Custom made magic wand.

Hello, my name is Derek and I am a LIGHT ENERGY WORKER. This wand was custom made for someone within the light and light practices. The materials from which this wand was made were sourced by myself. Meditation, magic, talisman, and divination are some of the uses intended for this wand. The wood is Sugar Maple, tip is clear Quartz, wrapping and cap are copper. Finished and buffed with a clear wax this tool will stay durable while in use.

I also make custom wands to your spec including enchanted symbols, alchemy symbols, seals, gemstones. Just message me with your idea and we can make it come to life.